Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just Add It To The List

Well, I have been wanting, for a while now, to change my livingroom around*. We are kind of limited though, because every room in our house (including the bathrooms) have one wall that is completely glass. This means, no putting leather couches up against hot drying sunlight, and therefore limits the options. Since I have a 96 inch couch and 70 inch loveseat and a huge oversized chair and ottoman...we are talking some work trying to figure it out. Our livingroom, because of the tatami room and the dining room, only really has two walls and since I need outlets for some things, I can't put all the sitting spaces on the walls.

The easy fix I thought I would do (just switching the couch and loveseat) didn't work. I have now completely rearranged the whole room (which means getting out more cable so I can hook the TV back up to the satellite) and I am not sure if I like it much but it will have to stay for now. My husband will probably be pleased because I rarely move furniture around after I get it like I want it, and he likes to change it up some. Of course, he is not the one that connects all the electronics either so that might be why it seems easier to him...haha.

Oh, and in the midst of all this, I had to condition the leather since I had everything out and that added to the mix but it sure does look good now.

Update----First let me mention that rearranging the livingroom and treating the leather was never on my list of things to do but I am glad to have done them. That said, I don't know if I like the way the living room is set up and might be changing it around again next week. It depends on if the hutch/cabinet I have my eye on is still available and if it is, then I might not be changing it much. If it isn't, then I will move it around a bit....Right now, it seems a bit crowded....

*The loveseat was being sat in more than any other piece and I don't want it to look more worn than the others.


Haha said...

I bet it looks great as you do have an eye for decorating. I love your sofa and it was so comfy for me when I visited and was sick. I never thought leather could feel so good. If I did not have the "Bud" I would consider one, but he would be in trouble with me all the time at this point. He almost is anyway. Bad Kitty!

Chicken said...

Moving that furniture around solo would be difficult.