Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Caved In

Okay, yesterday, after discussing it with J, I caved in and purchased the new dining room set and the hutch (yes, it was still there when I went back). So I need to call the guy that delivers and see when I can get it here and how much it is going to cost me (it just won't fit in our little cube car).

I have to move things around again (not the TV stand) but the couches because I think they are too crowded looking right now. I have to move a curio cabinet I have in the diningroom, into our tatami room so I have room for the hutch...I think it will fit well. The fish might have to move down a bit and one of the plants will get moved too but oh well...we'll see how it goes.

J is not big on crowded spaces. He would rather not have a lot of stuff filling up each crack so I need to make sure I don't over do it, especially since I still have some things on my list of things to get before we move.

This also means that I need to get my folding 6 foot table in my office on the market as well as the 4 solid oak dining room chairs so that I have room for the new stuff. I'll probably just sell them in an free newspaper that goes around here that is in English, rather than trying to sell them at a flea market or something.

I'll put our current dining room table in the office where the 6ft table is and that will give me some room in there (the dining room table is smaller).

I really need to do a flea market but the yen rate is bad right now so I will hold off for a bit. If it comes back up to even (100 yen to the dollar) I will get to it as soon as I can.


Chicken said...

Pics when it happens.

Mishka said...

Oh yeah...I'll have to get some of the living room too once I get it settled.

Mind Sprite said...

OOooh, I love new furniture. Can't wait to see the pics!