Saturday, November 24, 2007

White Towels

I had to buy all new towels and mats for my bathrooms recently. We usually have dark earth tones in our bathrooms (and throughout the house) but with the frequency of towels being wet due to showers and beach activity, they were just not drying quickly enough and would get musty really quick.

Because they were dark colored, I couldn't bleach them in the wash to really freshen them up, which is why I have now changed over to white towels and tan mats. Since we have to bleach the bathrooms as well (humidity is sometimes not your friend), having light stuff is just easier all around. I'll keep a couple of dark towels for dirty jobs and dying hair but the rest of them are going in the swap meet pile.

So right now, I am in the process of washing all the new towels (lots of lint in the dryer filter) and getting the old ones out of there. Of course, I have to wash all the old ones too before I sell them so that means having the new ones done so I can "retire" the old ones. I figure since we keep everything forever...we'll probably have these ones for a long time....assuming they don't fall apart or something on me. I know bleaching is hard on them and I won't have to do it all the time, mostly in the summer when we are taking multiple showers in one day. I splurged a bit and bought ones that cost a bit more but hopefully it will be worth it. I hate when towels start to fray or something (especially right after you purchased them). JcPenney's (which has great shipping to here) had a set deal so I just got 3 sets of them to cover us.

Anyhow, I better go, I think I have towels coming out of the dryer so there is some folding calling my name, not to mention the yardwork I have to do today, that I have not even started yet.....bad...I know.


Chicken said...

JC Penny towels last a long time.

Haha said...

How much yardwork could you possibly have to do?

Mind Sprite said...

Oooh, I love new, fluffy towels right out of the dryer! Divine!

Mishka said...

I filled three lawn trashbags with stuff so I guess that was a bit of yardwork. I was out there for three hours and I only got the front two beds dealt with. Still have some backyard stuff (much easier) but it is raining now so it will have to wait.

Oh, and the new towels are awesome, although the white makes me want to be very careful with them....and Chicken is good to know that JcPenney towels last...whew!!