Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Google Reader and iGoogle

I finally broke down and started using a reader for my blogs of interest....Blogrolling's "recently updated" function just doesn't work well enough for me to know when a blog has been updated or not....so I am not relying on it anymore. I just use my reader and it tells me exactly who has updated.

I also have the reader on my iGoogle page (much like MyYahoo) and it is nice to see news, weather, my Google groups (where I volunteer), my reader, my todo list, and the sports scores all in one place. I even have a sudoku puzzle on there that I can play anytime.

The thing I really like about my iGoogle page is that the theme I picked is the beach one (since I live on an island and only 5 minutes from the water), and changes based on the time of day...didn't know that when I picked it but it asked for my timezone and last night I noticed that it was darker with the moon out....what would be really cool is if the moon actually matches the phases but I don't think it does.

Anyhow, that is my new discovery and so far I am liking it....Google reader and iGoogle....just one more step in organization of my life.

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