Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Meme Time

Got this one from PoppyCede

1. What were you afraid of as a child?
My parents dying, Phantom of the Opera, and getting burned.

2. When have you been most courageous?
Probably the last 16 years during various points that those that know me will understand about.

3. What sound most disturbs you?
Breaking bones...

4. What is the greatest amount of physical pain you’ve been in?
I would have said my hernia surgery 15 years ago but my one time issue with tooth pain has now topped that. I feel for anyone that has to deal with tooth pain all the time...it actually gets into your brain.

5. What’s your biggest fear for your children?
That our planet will not be in a condition that they can enjoy for their lifetimes.

6. What is the hardest physical challenge you’ve achieved?
I guess I would say some of the rockclimbing I have done with J....I had to get over an emotional as well as physical issue to be successful at it.

7. Which do you prefer: Mountains or oceans/big water?
Both equally depending on how I am feeling. Right now I have lots of ocean so I take advantage of that, and someday when I am far from the ocean, the mountains will be my solace.

8. What is the one thing you do for yourself that helps you keep everything together?
I make time for me to just enjoy being alive and happy.

9. Ever had a close relative or friend with cancer?
I have had some relatives with cancer but most of them were not super close to me. I watched a few young friends die of it too so I know that no one is completely secure from it but I don't let a fear of it rule my life.

10. What are the things your friends count on you for?
Knowing stuff, being able to do physical things, being independent, being spontaneous, being giving, being a good listener and good company.

11. What is the best part of being in a committed relationship?
So many things I can't even explain them all. Knowing someone loves you more than themselves. Feeling that love everyday even when I am being a bitch or feeling crappy. Seeing how much that love is a part of both of us by just looking in his eyes. Having someone that knows me better than anyone else and loves me anyhow.

12. What is the hardest part of being in a committed relationship?
Missing them when they are not around.

13. Summer or Winter? Why?
I love all seasons for different reasons.

14. Have you ever been in a school-yard fight? Why and what happened?
It wasn't at school but I did punch a boy in the nose and make it bleed when he pushed me.

15. Why blog?
Because I love writing and I love sharing.

16. Did you learn about sex, and/or sex safety from your parents?
My parents were/are pretty open so we talked about all of this stuff way before it ever happened with me. I didn't actually learn it from them since they were not there when it finally happened but I also had some bad things happen to me that made the whole thing much harder than it had to be and fortunately, I am married to a guy that understood that and was patient with me when I needed it.

17. How do you plan to talk to your kids about sex and/or sex safety?
Since I don't have kids, I am not sure but I talk to my 16 year old niece about it pretty easily. I don't think it has to be a big deal...especially if you are trying to explain to them why it is so important to not give your heart and body just to anyone. I am just honest and I don't throw a bunch of guilt, religion or other complicating stuff in there. I ask her to make good choices.

18. What are you most thankful for this year?
My family, my friends, and my health


Chicken said...

I remember the way you would light matches because you were afraid of getting burned.

Haha said...

I am just so damned proud of who you turned out to be! Rock climbing, and you wouldn't crawl off your baby blanket at the park, because you didn't like the feel of the grass...who would have figured...LOL