Tuesday, August 15, 2006

X-rays won't detect liquid or gel bombs - Yahoo! News

Do they really need to put it on the news that all of our current technology can't detect liquid bombs? Seems like sometimes we put a little too much info out there...

I think it is funny too that they mention in the article that shoe x-rays are not mandatory...funny because every airport I have been in since 9/11 has required me to remove my shoes. Didn't know it wasn't mandatory.

Yesterday I saw story on CNN about a town in Alaska that received 200,000 dollars for homeland security and they have put up cameras all over town to reduce their threat from terrorists. Most of the cameras face the port and there is a small argument for why they have them. What I find funny is that they have also made most of the cameras available on their public website...so I guess now the terrorists (if there were to be any) don't have to even go there for a recon...they can just do it over the web. Here is a link to the story but not the CNN version...


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

That's pretty funny about the Alaska cameras being online.

So much of what we do isn't about safety but the illusion of safety. Are box cutters and nail clippers a danger? No, they worked on 9/11 because the airplane passengers thought, from previous info from highjackings, that they would live as long as they stayed still. We know better now. Whatever weapon you have on a plane now, someone will try to stop you if you go to use it.

A woman in front of me didn't take off her shoes at the airport last week, and security held up the line to make her go back and do it. So I guess it's "optional" as long as you don't want to get on the plane!

If someone is within a system of well-funded, intelligent terrorists and decides to get some explosive through somehow, it's likely it will happen. If they are willing to sacrifice their lives, they can probably, at some point, accomplish the goal.

We fly to London in three weeks. The information I want from London about flights? What I can expect to be able to carry on, if anything. I don't want to know what they consider the likelihood of someone blowing up a plane. That just scares me with no point. If someone is lunatic enough, I can't change their actions. All I can do is try to enjoy the life I have and live it responsibly and lovingly.

Um, speaking of highjacking . . . sorry for the post-length comment.

Mishka said...

Sally- I agree, I don't think that we can really stop someone if they are completely determined to do something bad. I mean, I guess if they were willing to die too, then I guess they could drink one component of the bomb and then drink the second component later when it is the right time and blow up themselves with everyone else.

I don't think I might having to do extra precautions at the airport as long as I know in advance what they are going to be. I would be pissed if they made me throw stuff away just because they didn't tell me before hand so I could be prepared. I guess some airports were not allowing electronic items and that would piss me off because checking a laptop or IPod is not an option for me...it would just be stolen.

Haha said...

too much information on one thing and not enough on the other...go figure