Thursday, August 31, 2006

In Other News

Turns out our receiver is another casualty to the lightening strike. I was called by the repair company yesterday to inform me that there are many "burnt" out parts and that it would cost more to repair than to replace....grrr!!!

At least I have not filed the homeowners claim yet. This also makes me want to check out our cd player and our tape deck (yes I still have a tape deck), which were both plugged into the reciever to make sure they are okay. I need to get to the store to do some comparison shopping so we can replace the reciever and put the living room back together.

We are supposed to get some serious rain from Ernesto over the next twenty four hours and I have a gutter on the back of my house that is practically falling off. I guess I need to get out there this morning and see if I can fix it before all hell breaks loose. I also need to finish up the detail work in our main bathroom. The floor and vanity are in, just need to do some wall touch up painting and hang the new towel racks.

Today is my sister and her husband's anniversary!!!!! They had a lovely wedding in Southern Oregon a few years ago and it was an absolutely glorious day. I am so happy for them to have found each other. Congrats, you guys.

My grandfather will be 95 this year. Wow!!!! His birthday is later this week. I am sure my family on the West coast is planning quite the shindig for him. Unfortunately, I can't be there but I am sending good thoughts and gifts his way. We love you, Grandpa.

I didn't have soccer practice yesterday because of some heavy rain and lightening. I need to get some exercise in today (as much as I can on this ankle), so I don't die on Sunday when I have to run again (in probably 105 index). I think I might walk on a trail that I want to hide a geocache on. In fact, this weather (cloudy and rainy) is perfect geocaching weather because there are less people out and about and searching for them is less obvious.

So I guess I better get moving so I can get that gutter fixed before I do anything else. Hasta luego.


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

We had CRAZY storms and some flooding in Atlanta in the middle of the night from one of the outer edges of the storm, so do take some precautions since I think it's headed pretty close to y'all.

Chicken said...

Thanks sis! You are so good about remembering these things.

kilgorsky said...

B'days, anniversaries--I can never remember them.

Through a Glass Darkly said...

How did it go through the storm? I've been thinking about you.

Mishka said...

Sally- seems that we didn't get it too bad. They aren't talking about too many flash floods or anything. We needed the rain so it is back to warm days and afternoon thunderstorms for now.