Friday, August 18, 2006

Myst, Riven and the Like

My dad hooked me and my sister on Myst many years ago. I played it for some time, but didn't actually ever finish the game. I had an idea how it turned out but didn't see it for myself. My dad bought Riven for me after a while and I played it diligently on my laptop until one day, the graphics were just too much for the poor thing. I didn't finish it either. My sister bought the next one for me and I have not even loaded it because I really feel like I should finish the first two before I get started in a third. I don't know if the original Myst I have will even load on my XP PC, but I might try it out so I can finish it up. I still have my notes (I think). I know that Riven will play on my PC, and now that I have a better graphics card in it, I am sure it will do fine.

I don't know why I just thought of this just now but I did and it made me want a nice wet raining day to happen so I would have an excuse for hanging out in the house doing nothing (that is until school starts in September, of course).


Mind Sprite said...

I loved Myst, even when it drove me batty when I couldn't figure it out. I think I have Riven too. I don't know if my current computer could handle it, but I would love to play those again too.

Thanks for the reminder! I don't know when I will have time for it, but I think I may load it and see if my computer dies.

Joanne said...

I finished Myst. I can't remember if I finished Riven or not but I never got the 3rd one. I really liked them, though. And sad to admit, I also read the books. Very ineresting actually. My current computer is a laptop and they never have great graphics cards. I can't even play my Law & Order game on it.