Sunday, September 25, 2005


An example of kiwi vine.
Well, the housework is finished (school work is not but I plan to get to it first thing tomorrow), and I am back down in Portland until my flight on Thursday.

My sister and her husband came up to Olympia to help me with the house and it was so much better with them there, not to mention that I would not have been able to do some of the work if they had not come.

I went from Seattle at my dad's to my friend D's house before this weekend. I wanted to visit with D and his wife J and also wanted to deal with some house issues before the weekend. I had a nice visit with them but didn't get a whole lot accomplished at the house during that time.

An example of grape vine.So Sat morning, the slave labor, I mean relatives arrive and we go to town. We had to replace the garbage disposal in my house, which is something I have never done before, and as fate would have it, my plumbing set up under my kitchen sink was not "normal". It actually wasn't too hard, but we couldn't test it until the next day because it needed time to dry first. We set to work on the multitude of vines, and other pruning that needed to be done around the yard. In the process of cutting one of the vines, I managed to find a weak spot in the trellis I was standing on, and had to add reinforcing it to my list of things to do. We found a stopping point around 5pm, left the renters with instructions to not use that side of the sink, and headed off to the hotel and dinner. We ate takeout and hung out in the hottub soaking.

An example of wisteria vine.Sun morning (today) we headed over to check the disposal for leaks, and to measure the 2x6 boards we would need to shore up the trellis. Of course they couldn't be a perfect size but the renter had a Skil saw so we were in business. We made short work of the reinforcement and moved on to the rest of the vines and pruning. The disposal was fixed perfectly and all we had was a compost run to call it a day.

We actually got out of there by midafternoon and had a late lunch at a park near one of my favorite vietnamese restaurants (where we had ordered awesome food). The ride to Portland felt long but was pretty uneventful.

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