Sunday, September 18, 2005

On The Road Again

Well amazingly enough, six months have passed and it is again time for my trip to the NW to deal with issues at our house.

This time will be funfilled with cutting lots of vines (grape, wisteria and kiwi) and replacing a dying garbage disposal. Yeah!!!!

Nice thing is that I am taking this trip much earlier in the semester this year so I won't be so stressed with school work like I was last time (25 page research paper due while on trip), and the time I will be at the house will be over the weekend so my sister and her husband are coming to help (which makes it so much better and faster).

I fly out tomorrow morning and will return in 10 days. As it is a bit cooler there already, I have had to break out some of my warmer clothes...will be kind of weird to be wearing pants again (I live in shorts and skirts with sandals during the summer here). Ooooh and shoes, other than tennies for exercising or yard work, I have not really worn regular shoes....that will be strange too. So much to look forward to, can't you see?

Anyhow, this post is rambling...I will be still checking in regularly (what would I do without Internet), will still be posting and will of course still be doing schoolwork, so you won't even notice that I am gone except that my posts might reflect my location a bit more.

Hasta luego


Peeved Michelle said...

Kiwis grow on vines?

Randi said...

hope your trip is a good one, and with any luck fairly uneventful! miss ya!

Mishka said...

PM- yep, I didn't know that either until we got that house and there was a kiwi vine growing in the backyard.

Randi-thanks, will do and miss you too.