Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blogger Comments Problem

I have been wondering why I have not gotten even one comment on my posts this week, so I had my sister (who usually comments at least once) try to comment and she was not able to, so I am thinking that other people might have not been able to either. I know that I had a problem commenting one day on P'nut's blog the other day but after I did a refresh, it went through okay. That solution is not working for my sister.

I sent a note to Blogger to see if they can fix the problem, but it seems that something with the word verification is stopping my comments from happening (and this is with me still allowing "other and anonymous" comments)....which would suck because I want to block the spam if I can.

Anyhow, if you have been reading but not able to comment for some reason, can you drop me a line at mishkablogger at yahoo dot com so that I will know and can let Blogger know? I would greatly appreciate it.


The Captain said...

I'm just a Guest on the next blog tour. O.k. I'll try.

Cheers from Germany!

Sarah the Penguin said...

You really need to switch to Haloscan for comments.

It is free and easy to do and your comment problems will be history.