Sunday, September 11, 2005

School Dayz

I started up a new semester last Tuesday and some how I am already a chapter behind in our reading....this is what happens when I take classes in things that I am totally not familiar with. Each semester I go into it with all these resolutions about how much I am going to read and take notes, do the extra work at the end of each chapter, and it always seems that I end up behind in the reading (since it causes me to nod off) and then it is downhill from there. Last class I think I got 2 chapters into the book before I gave up trying to read it and just winged it. Got an A though, so I guess I must have absorbed something...

This class is about Decision Support Systems and Intelligent least that is what the book says. Being that I am not part of a huge organization, I have had no experience with this kind of technology so I am flying by the seat of my pants. This class only has about 12 students in it and I would say that 70% either work with DSS or have worked with DSS. So while I won't be able to share my own personal experiences with Artificial Intelligence, I am hoping that they will be willing to.

Nice thing is that I will end up learning a ton (since I am starting at zero on this one) and hopefully will end up one class closer to being done with my degree.

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