Saturday, October 03, 2015

Portland Marathon 2015

Tomorrow, three FOUR of my cousins are competing in this year's Portland Marathon. Running in a marathon is something I can't even imagine, (I am happy with my 5Ks), but I can't help but admire their drive and stamina to attempt and complete such a huge event.

I was not able to make the trip up to the race due to my work schedule, but I received my Team Wonder Woman shirt in the mail, and I will be wearing it in support of their effort on Sunday. I have already been warned of the glitter explosion that might be in my future...LOL.

One of my cousins flew in from Hawaii for the race and will be coming to visit us after the race. Her parents and sister live here so it will be good all around. I am looking forward to a little family get together of some sort....fortunately it will be my weekend.

Their ambition is motivating to me to get back on my own fitness mission. Good luck guys!! Hope the race is everything you want it to be!! Love you!

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