Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Netflix Requirements

I have decided that in order to get our money's worth out of having both the DVD and Streaming versions of Netflix, I need to be watching at least 4 of the DVDs a month. I have been bad lately about watching movies, either on DVD or streaming because I tend to run the TV in the background of doing other things. This means not watching something new (because I can't multitask through something new), especially if it means being in a different room from the TV.

Last weekend, I watched two DVDs that I had from Netflix back to back, put them in the mail and got two new ones today. I figure if I just knock them out like that...either on a lazy morning or in the evening when I have settled in for the night, I will be good to go. I also watched two newish movies on HBO this week, that I was then able to remove from my DVD queue on Netflix.

I tend to use my DVD queue as a way to remind myself of movies that I have just seen previews for. I don't get to see them necessarily when I want to but the list helps me keep track of flicks that look interesting.

It is weird to feel like I have to put movie watching on the To Do list...but along with writing regularly on my blogs, it seems I need to allocate time for this as well.

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