Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It Is Gonna Get Cold

Brrrrr...cold nights for most of this week. I went up to the pool and made sure that I had the lightbulb on the timer light set to run in the pumphouse and that the pump was set to run during the coldest part of the night. I was thrilled to see that there weren't nearly as many leaves on the leaf net as I was expecting after not seeing the pool for the last week.

I didn't sleep for crap last night because I had a mocha very close to bedtime, and ended up reading until after 1 in the morning. While turning over in my sleep, I kept waking up because my left arm was hurting and it wasn't until 6 or so in morning that I remembered the tetanus shot I had in my left arm yesterday afternoon...duh! No wonder it was tender.

Managed to get my driver's license renewed yesterday too, since it expires this week on my birthday. It was surprisingly easier than I was expecting and that was a nice surprise! So I currently have a paper temporary one until the real deal comes in the mail. This one will be good for 8 years...woohee!

Gotta go for now, hope to be writing more frequently but really have to get to bed early tonight so I can get back on a decent schedule. Goodnight world.

Seven Years Ago on In My Words...It's Cold Out There (boy do I miss this fur ball)

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