Sunday, November 24, 2013

Birthday Madness

Own personal Google Doodle on your bday!!
Birthdays are a tricky situation. While I like having people remember my birthday, I don't want to get older...LOL. This year, I got a call from my aunt about two weeks out, asking me to save the date, that she and my grandmother and mother wanted to take me to a local Mexican place for dinner. That sounded cool to me, and I put it on my calendar.

The day arrives, and I get the posts on Facebook for my birthday, which is great, and some texts and cards in the mail. I work on some stuff around the house and head over to my grandmother's a little early so I can tackle a couple loads of laundry before we go out. When I get there, Grandma lets me know that she won't be able to make it since she has a bit of a cold coming on and doesn't want to be sick for Tday. I totally understand and tell her that we'll make sure there are leftovers brought home so she can have some good food too!

Cute pumpkin stand (made for bigger pumpkin)

I have texted my cousin and one of my local sister in laws to see if they want to come with us since it is going to be a small scale dinner celebration. I don't hear back from either of them. The week before, at bunco, I overhear my other local sister in law and my mother in law both talk about obligations they have that same day, so I don't ask them to try to come.

Ducks PJs were put on first night!

My mom's birthday was earlier in the week so we planned to have a couple of things for her too, and she didn't know we were going to do it, so I was excited for her surprise.

Cards from mail and party!

We leave for the restaurant and sit down at a table, start looking at a menu and wonder why they haven't given us any chips and salsa like normal. After a bit, my mother in law and father in law walk in...LOL. That is when I start to realize that not everyone has been forthcoming with me over the last two weeks.

Mylar balloon still flying in the livingroom!

Over the next ten minutes pretty much all of my local family shows up at the restaurant for a big birthday surprise. We take up most of the bar area. We have our own cake, and the restaurant (where we do a lot of birthday celebrations) is super helpful like they always are. They come out with two sombreros and they sing for me and my mom. We both open presents and over all it is a fantastic time and definitely felt the love!

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Surprise!! It was a great time so glad we could be involved.