Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Red Skies At Night

We live in a region that is experiencing a lot of wildfires. Most of them have been started by dry lightening. At least one of them is growing, but because of the location and the history of the area, attempts to fight it are very limited.

None of these fires is currently threatening our home or any of our famiily's or friend's homes, but the wind is bringing the smoke from all of them into our area. For some towns, this has caused sever air quality issues, and amazingly enough, as smoking as it looks and smells out there, our particular spot (as of this moment, it is supposed to change this afternoon), is considered to still be within normal ranges.

Sunset from Gma's, those are not clouds
The other day, before the smoke had really moved into the area, you could see a huge swath of it across the horizon as it blotted out the sun at sunset and darkened the north end of the valley.

Left is basic normal day, hills can be seen. Right is yesterday after wind shift, can barely see end of block.

This pic is a comparison of our view from the front deck looking towards the nearby hills, that you can see on the left side and can't see in the right side. Right now, it doesn't look like we have any hills or mountains surrounding us when we live in the nook of two different mountain ranges. I would not want to be flying a plane or helicopter in this stuff, that is for sure.

Sunrise this morning over the neighbors yard
This last pic is of the rising sun over the top of our neighbors yard this morning, while we are still in the "green" for air quality...can't imagine what it is going to be like later today after the wind shifts start to bring more of the smoke from these fires into our valley.

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Haha said...

It seems to be a bit more smokey here now - was clearer this morning.Trying to stay indoors as much as possible.