Saturday, July 20, 2013

Poor Plum Tree

This is what our poor Purple Plum tree in the front yard looks like. It is so droopy, because it has a gazillion plums on it (I do not exaggerate). I have been trying to pick some of them, but it is not enough to keep up. I keep hoping that the birds or racoons will start eating them like they did last year to reduce the load. They are eating off the one across the street and the one in our backyard...(in fact caught three racoons in that backyard tree a few nights ago snacking).

Soon enough, the plums will get overripe and start to drop on their own. I need to get out and pick another batch before that happens so they can be enjoyed. I am also going to have my hands full picking up the fallen ones as much as I can to keep the ground from under the tree from getting all rotty and full of fruit flies.

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