Monday, June 17, 2013

Kleenex Tells All

Okay, when you have blown your nose through an entire box of Kleenex Ultra, you have to admit to yourself that you actually do have the head cold you were trying to fight and the battle has been lost.

Today has been productive to a point, even with the cold but it would be a lot more productive without the cold, that is for sure. Add to this Shark Week, a pool full of algae, and a sprinkler system that is not functioning and you have a glimpse into the craziness I am facing. I would prefer to just hang on the couch catching up on past seasons of Dexter, but that is not to be...

Resorted to using some real Sudafed that I had left over from a precription last year because the clogged ears and sinuses were causing my brain to not function and somehow I thought driving a 3000lb vehicle while my brain wasn't functioning was probably a bad idea...LOL.

First stop was to the post office since I hadn't checked our mail since returning from the wedding trip. Next was the pool supply company to see if they could help me figure out what was going on with the system. Left there to fill up the tank, and then to Home Depot to pick up some Weed and Feed for the front lawn as well as some hostas for select spots in the yard. Stopped at the auto parts store for the glue the pool people told me I needed for the gasket fix I did last week, (which of course I can't use until I get the algae issue under control), and then to the store for another box of Kleenex. Finally loaded up, decided to stop at Taco Hell for a fast lunch.

Now I need to get a move on a few tasks outside and inside that I will post about later on the house blog, and some allocated rest so I can get over this crap and move on to tasks that require more exertion.

Four Years Ago on In My Words...Caught Up To Me (apparently I am never in a good position for catching a head cold).

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