Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Driving Some Balls

I finally did it. I put the seats down in the back of the truck and put my golf clubs in there, so I would be motivated to go to the driving range. We live in a neighborhood connected to a small public 9 hole course so there is no reason why I have not hit balls since playing with Gpa in Nebraska last year. I even got a punchcard so I could save some money on buckets of balls.

This last year, I got a new driver from Gpa for my birthday and this was my first time hitting it. I hit one just like it when I was in Nebraska, but I hadn't had a chance to hit the actual one he made for me. No excuse for this except I have had a hard time lately making time for myself that doesn't involve home improvement or computer work. My time management skills need some polishing up, for sure.

I was amazed at how well I hit considering the time off. I just tried to focus on letting the club do the work, keeping my eye on the ball, and keeping my legs bent. I did at least 2 practice swings before each ball was hit, which make the whole process last longer and seems to make my shots better, especially when I haven't hit in a while.

I didn't hit any of the recovery clubs, just the even irons and my two drivers. The new driver has a bit more loft than my old one so that helps get the ball up a bit more. I really cracked it a few times and it was definitely a satisifying feeling to see it really fly.

One side note: there are no bathroom facilities near the range so they have a big port-a-potty set up. I had to use it before I started to hit balls, and I noticed that it had a few spiderwebs in the toilet itself...I opted to do the squat and run version. Good thing too, because when I brought up the fact that the "john" needed servicing, the clubhouse assistant manager said they were aware and that it should be locked because the spiderwebs belong to black widows....nice!

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