Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chicken Soup

Some of the ingredients
Realized this afternoon that I probably had all the ingredients I needed to make a decent pot of chicken soup...maybe not a traditional pot of chicken soup but a mosh posh of what was in the fridge, cupboards and herb garden. I had canned chicken soup last night, and I know with this cold, a pot of fresh soup would be awesome.

Of course my version with have a bit of an asian twist. I am adding ginger, lemongrass, and daikon to this soup. That is my twist. I know that ginger is good for you when you are sick so that is what started it.

So without measurements, this is what I have going...

Chicken breast
Black pepper
Rosemary, chives and basil from the herb garden
Organic chicken broth
Baby carrots
Green onion
Yellow onion
Lemongrass, and ginger from the freezer
Whole wheat spiral noodles

I put the rosemary, ginger and lemongrass into a tea strainer so it wouldn't be all over the soup. I haven't added the soft veggies yet since they will overcook, but will add them near the end.

It has been cooking for 1/2 an hour and it smells wonderful. I might not be able to taste it since my tongue got scalded on tea earlier but I am sure my congested sinuses and chest, as well as the rest of my body will enjoy the heat and all the nutrients.

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joanne said...

When I get a cold I always like to get chicken pho because of the ginger and spices. So your soup sounds yummy.

... said...

I love pho...in fact I make beef pho here at home. I also love to eat soki soba or even udon soup when I am sick as well...I think soup in general just makes us all feel better....LOL