Sunday, May 05, 2013

Blanket Update

Pattern laid out on floor
I have been working on a blanket for one of my nieces. This is the biggest blanket I have made in a long time and I really want it to be something she will enjoy. As you can see from the linked post above, I figured out the colors and style of it pretty early on, but it took a while to figure out the pattern and ultimately how many squares I needed for it.

It is going to be 8 squares by 11 squares and quite soft. Today I finished the 88th square and decided to lay it all out on the floor according to the pattern I had picked to get an idea of the look of it. I spaced the squares out a bit because I am planning to connect the squares using the same white that 6 of the squares are made of so the light colored carpet was a good way for me to get a feel for the complete look.

First two squares connected
Once I got all the squares laid out, I was able to stack them according to their rows, so I can start connecting them together. I am using this method to connect them. It is the same method I used to connect the squares in the baby blanket I made 18 months ago for one of my other nieces. I liked how it came out even if it doesn't lay completely flat and the squares look a bit staggered. I like the feel of it (more like one complete piece) and it is definitely less stiff at the junctions. I am hoping to go around the entire outside with a row once it is done in the same white color to finish it off evenly. It should be beautiful when completed.

At this point, I have started the tedious task of connecting all the squares in a particular row together in the order for the pattern...two at a time. Once I am done with all 11 rows, then I will connect the rows together in the right order. Lastly, comes the finishing outside edge.

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