Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peace, Or At Least The Illusion Of It

This is the view looking towards some of the beautiful hills near us while sitting on our front deck. The tinkling of the windchimes, the flapping of the flag (which is actually not flying in this image), the plants, the breeze...all of it, just lovely. I took this pic right before a great thunderstorm came our way. The air was full of the ions, the wind was still in anticipation of the storm. It was amazing. I sat and watched the weather, and read a magazine (something I rarely find time for) and just enjoyed the atmosphere. It is a perfect spot.

And I should get out on the front deck and enjoy it more...but I don't, because I get bogged down in the To Do list and the Make More Stuff For Me To Do list, and the Things You Should Be Doing list.

I have a gazillion projects that need to be done around here, and I am working on them, ONE AT A TIME, and it feels sometimes like I am not making any headway, but I know I am. It seems like something new is always getting added when I don't really have something else even marked off, but that is how it goes. I actually don't want help (as long as it is something I can physically do on my own) because I like doing things on my own and in my own time but it does take some time, and my perfectionist personality doesn't like to wait....LOL.

Just found out a few minutes ago that the iced coffee drink my aunt got me addicted to is way more calories than I am willing to give up in a day...will be refraining from those for a bit, at least until I get to feeling like I am making headway in the Feeling Better About Yourself list.

Found that the 4th season of Dexter is On Demand now, so my quest to get caught up before the series ends this year is still making headway.

BBQ'd my first steak of the season tonight and it was super good (although way too big for one sitting). First time using the BBQ that my aunt and uncle gave us last year (new to us). Worked like a charm!

Definitely feel like I am stressing out a bit, have a trip or two coming up, still need to find work, and somehow those bills just keep coming in...funny how that works. Will probably start working temp stuff after getting back from this trip next week. Need to get some routine doctor appts made and knocked out too and soon since our health insurance might be changing in the fall.

Oh and of course, I have a ton of posts to write on both here and the house blog...big surprise there! Realized too that I went from being 4 books ahead on my goal this year to being 1 book behind...I have been slacking in my reading at night because I have been playing a game on my Nook instead, but finished that up this morning so I can get back to reading.

Haven't slept that great the last two nights but part of that is drinking too much water before bed and having to get up, and then letting the hamster get into the wheel and start running in my brain before falling back to sleep. Going to bed early tonight...looking forward to knocking out some serious tasks tomorrow, even if it kills me!

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