Friday, February 01, 2013

Problems With Aliens

I have watched this movie a number of times and I do really like it, especially Bill Paxton, but each time I watch it, I am struck by a few things that I just have to document.

1. Subfloor 3: you see them go down to subfloor 3, a bunch of stairs but you never see them come back up the stairs.

2. Taking of magazines: when the Lieutenant tells Apone to remove the magazines from all the soldiers, several of them reload. Wouldn't he see them doing this on their little helmet cams? And in reality, why didn't they just explain at least to the SGT why they couldn't fire in there rather than making them think he was just an @ss.

3. Acid for blood: Okay (this one applies to all the Alien movies) you see people blowing away the aliens with guns and all sorts of weapons that would make the aliens how come they aren't bleeding through the ship all over the place? There would be hull breaches all the time, right? It seems like when they are trying to leave via the tunnel system in Aliens, the blowing away of one would make the path completely impassable for any aliens coming up behind the first.

4. Antagonizing the alien: I mentioned this one in a Facebook post at some point in the past, but in this movie in particular, there really is no reason for Ripley to light up all the eggs as she is leaving the "hatchery"...all she does is make her own trip back to the landing pad, that much more difficult. We already know that the entire site is going to be demolished in a thermonuclear blast within minutes so there really is no point to it, and it frustrates the crap out of me every time she does it.

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