Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Dilemma

I just finished watching this past year's Oscars and now I have a huge list of movies to add to Netflix, not that they will all be rented rather than viewed in a theater. I use Netflix to just keep my list of "movies to see" so I don't have to keep a list anywhere else on paper, or heaven forbid in my recently rattled brain.

So many good choices were given this year...some I had already put on the list but so many more that I hadn't even heard of, and am so glad that I did. Of course, there are a few that I have to read the book first...big surprise.

And another surprising result of the viewing of the Oscars this year was that there were several movies that I was on the fence about and now definitely want to see. This isn't to say that the Academy knows only the best or that there aren't other great movies that weren't nominated (or even that some of the nominated aren't great movies), but the show is a great way to get some previews you might not ever see on TV or in the beginning of another movie. I do have to give it that.

Performances on the show were pretty good, although I have to admit that I only caught the second half because I had no idea it was on so early. One thing they could have improved upon in the performances was that in almost every case, the mike on the singer's was overpowered by the orchastra and it would have been nice if the sound person had pumped it up just a bit. Other than that, well done.

So you are probably wondering what the dilemma is...well, it is that there are so many movies that I need to see now, and so little time to do it in....

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