Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jingle Bell Hell 2012

Image borrowed from Jess
So I have been terrible about exercising lately. Part of it has been due to busy-ness and part of it due to sickness and then of course part of it is just plain laziness.

In the course of reading a few blogs, I discovered a couple of running blogs. One of them is organizing a virtual 5K in December called Jingle Bell Hell 2012 and I have committed myself to doing it. I have to run at least a 5K locally, between December 8th and 16th. I have to post why it is "hell" for me and I have to laugh at some point during the race (that might be hard to pull off). Then I need to recap the race, post a link to it and call it good.

There aren't many local races, so this virtual option gives me the opportunity to race (myself) and have the motivation to get out there get running again. I mapped out a route on MapMyRun the other day, and I plan to try to walk it tomorrow if I can, so I am sure of it before I do it "officially". I will probably do it more than once during that time, and hopefully will get a better time each time.

I hope this will ultimately get my butt moving and get me started back on my fitness routines.

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XLMIC said...

You might laugh at doing the run of 5K spread out over the specified dates! That'd be pretty funny! Oh, oops...I shouldn't tell you how to cheat on the race I'm holding! LOL

... said...

That is a great idea...never thought of that...perhaps I could shoot for a marathon if I did it that way...LOL