Monday, November 05, 2012

Catching Up And Cold

So the last two weeks have been pretty busy...left last Tuesday for a family visit in Nebraska. Weather was decent and the visit was awesome. Gpa and J are doing well and I throughly enjoyed my time there. Was able to get in two rounds of golf with Gpa at his favorite golf club. Flew back on Monday afternoon.

On the way home from the airport (and enroute grocery shopping trip), I got a call that my mom had hurt herself at Gma's. Turns out she broke both of her ankles, from tripping on the wrinkled carpet at Gma's. She had surgery on the left ankle (which was broken in three places) the next day and is now home recooperating. She can put weight on the right leg if she has the boot on so she is not stuck in a wheelchair, which is good. She has a two week appt with the doctor to have the surgery leg checked, and might have more mobility at that time (we hope).

I started feeling icky right after the flight back and over the course of the next few days, I developed a full blown head cold that I am still fighting today. I have been taking it easy for the last 3 days and might add on tomorrow too just to be sure that I am on the mend. Would hate to have anything like I did this spring happen again, if I can avoid it.

I have a ton of stuff hanging over my head that needs to get done around here, but I am trying to focus on getting better and not getting stressed out. One day at a time...LOL

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Poppy said...

YIKES to the double ankle break! I'll think positive thoughts that she heals as quickly as possible.

I hope you're all better by the morning! :)

... said...

It will be another Nyquil night and hopefully that means an even better morning.