Monday, November 10, 2008

Mission For Fitness

Well, I am back at it again. I finally got so fed up (part of this is due to seeing a horrible picture of myself) and I am back on a program. I only started yesterday but I am determined to stick with it. My food has always been pretty healthy (as long as there is not Halloween candy in my house) but I have needed to get with a portion control and definitely some exercise (consistent exercise that is) for a while now.

I found this cool site through a friend that lets you map your runs/walks and then if you add it to your training log when you do the walk or run that you have mapped, it tells you a lot of info about your workout as well as your "green stats". I sent the URL to my sister since she is a runner these days and I think she will find it completely useful as well. The weather has been bad here (downpours with wind) so I have not been on a walk since discovering this cool site but I have mapped several of my standard walks so I can just add them to the training log when I do is so cool to know exactly how far I have gone too. My pedometer is supposed to tell me that but I don't think I have my stride length set correctly.

I would love to be feeling and looking better before the holidays are over (really before that but I am trying to be practical) because when it does get a bit cooler here, I do want to be able to wear my "winter" clothes without having to buy new ones.

Anyhow, part of my committment to my program is to broadcast that I am doing it so I will feel obligated to stick with it since everyone will know. My sister has recommitted to her program as well and we will get things back on track with the support of each other. I know that even with only a day and a half of doing this, I am already feeling better about myself and that is always a good sign.


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Chicken said...

I am feeling better even though I am sick. I slipped up last night and snacked too much but I'm going to get right back to it. We can do it sis!!

Haha said...

I know you will both be great inspiration for each other. You go girls!!!

Just a Girl said...

I need someone else to have me in their wedding, that was good inspiration! :D

Good luck, you guys will do great.

Mishka said...

Weddings are great inspiration for fitness, that is for sure. For me, it is making sure I don't have to buy new fall clothes...unless it is because I have gotten too small...haha.

Mind Sprite said...

I thought my OWN wedding would be good motivation, but not so much. Way too much to do and not enough time or energy.

I'm trying again now, but not having much luck because of illness. Next week will be better!