Monday, January 30, 2012

Template Change

I decided that my old template was a little bit too hard to read without scrolling up to the light areas (because of the image) and a couple of my fellow bloggers have recently changed to white clean templates and I decided to give it a go...I might change up the header image again, but for now, I think I have something that works for me.

It took a bit of tweaking of gadget sizes and moving things around (since my old template was only two columns and this one is three), but I think I am happy with it. Seems a little "newslettery" but I like it. Of course this means that I am going to be mixing it up on my other blogs as well...they probably won't all end up looking like this one but for the ones that are hard to read, I will moving to something a bit more legible.

Three Years Ago on In My Words...Tea Is Your Friend

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cat said...

I love snooping around people's template changes. ;) It's like moving into a new apartment or home - all freshly painted! I like this one!