Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Lost Inconsistencies

1. Okay, here are a few more for you...there seems to be an unlimited supply of tarps. I mean everytime there is a new character added to the camp, someone gives them a pile of tarps to build their hut with. I mean, was the plane carrying a cargo hold full of tarps???

2. John's dad has him go into a bank and open a safe deposit box that he has never signed a signature card for. You can't just walk into a bank with a key for a sdb and open it without being on the account (unless you have a death cert for the box owner).

3. They apparently get supply drops from the Dharma Initiative, even thirty years after the initiative has ceased to exist but yet you never see where all that trash goes....I mean, cans and boxes of food and you never see where any of it goes. Now of course, they could be burning most of it, but still, all that metal and glass is not going to just burn up in a camp fire and it isn't like they have this huge incinerator somewhere...

4. I find it a little funny that Jack gets marked with these Chinese characters on his arm that explain his destiny or who he is really but this all happens in Thailand by a Thai woman...the Thai do not use Chinese characters in their language...that would be China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea (as the big four, as I am sure there are others as well).

5. People run all night (through the jungle mind you, which is not easy) with little to no food or water, and they never seem to get hungry or thirsty or even sleepy.

6. This one really gets me. They have tarp "watering holes" they have set up at the beach camp that I assume is for people to get fresh water without having to walk up to the spring in the caves. Fine, makes sense, but then you see them filling up water bottles from these little "watering holes"....didn't they have to fill the "watering hole" itself with water carrried down from the spring in the cave in WATER BOTTLES???? Why would they then dump the water bottles out into this "watering hole" to only then come back and fill them up again from it???? Why wouldn't they just keep the water in the bottles to begin with?

7. The dynamite sticks on the island in the Black Rock ship are so volatile that one character blows himself up accidentally while waving the stick around slightly, however throughout the rest of the series, you see people go back to the ship to get more dynamite, carry it in packs, run with it, even toss it around without any of it is it volatile or not??

I am in Season 6 now, so there are only a few more episodes until the end of the series...we'll see what else I can come up with in the meantime...LOL

Twelve Years Ago on In My Words...Many Times
Just a little poem I wrote for my husband a while back...

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LOSNL!!! *sigh* It's Hollywood...what can you do?!