Sunday, January 24, 2010


I hate that even when I KNOW I am getting a lot of others things done, there are certain things that will make me feel like a slacker if I don't accomplish them.

These things are exercise (which should be the highest priority), corresponding, and time doing all the little things that I am interested in but don't seem to find time for (Japanese studying, writing, guitar, piano, beading, cards, geocaching...etc). This third thing is a real bugger since I can see evidence of these interests all over the house...One of the few things I do devote time to regardless is my reading...have to have my reading.

Lately, corresponding and writing have been the top of the list of things that I have been slacking on. Writing is a release for me and I have always loved it, and used it to my benefit. I have kept a journal since I was in the 6th grade. Corresponding with family and friends has always been something I have enjoyed and taken time for but it seems in the last year, I haven't been very good at staying on top of it.

Part of why I am writing this post is because I hate that I haven't been blogging like I want to, but of course right now I am supposed to be out of the house in 25 minutes and I am still drinking my morning coffee and sitting in my pajamas so this will not be my best composition. I can't tell if it is better that I am writing something or if I should wait and write something better....catch 22 on that.

So here is an attempt to not be a slacker....hopefully I can keep it up.


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Chicken said...

I completely understand.