Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Believe

This is a guided freewriting exercise I did a while back, and just reread...I liked what it said and I thought it was appropriate for my current state of mind. Enjoy.

I Believe

I believe in love at first sight. I believe in the calm before the storm. I believe in making wishes on dandelions. I believe in caring enough about the people around you that you overlook their flaws. I believe in being fair. I believe in the National Anthem. I believe in listening to kids when they talk. I believe in the love in a pet's eyes. I believe in hoping for the best and being willing to try. I believe in green. I believe in life. I believe in giving when its not expected of you. I believe in second chances. I believe in women. I believe in learning as much as you can. I believe in breathing fresh air. I believe that taking time for sun rises and sun sets is good for your heart. I believe in elderly people. I believe in veterans. I believe in having an open mind. I believe in keeping it simple. I believe in mountains, creeks, oceans, and trees. I believe in honesty.


Four Years Ago on In My Words...Back At It


Anonymous said...

Awesome - thanks for sharing. I am going to post a similar "idea" on my blog today in regards to daily journaling. I am also going to do somewhat of a 2009 recap with the title of "What I learned in 2009". Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration!!!

Veronica said...

Absolutely loved it!!! Actually gave me memories of little things here that we share with each other such as the sunsets with a cocktail.