Saturday, May 16, 2009

May Beach Cleanup

I went on a beach cleanup today. It was with a group I found in an article about the "green" efforts here on this island. I tried to go last month but was just not able to swing it so I was glad to be there today.

The heat and humidity have finally hit here, and that made for a hot morning working on the sand but I was glad I decided on flip flops and shorts instead of long pants and tennies...I did have lots of sunscreen on and that always makes me feel warmer.

Anyhow, we did a whole section of beach near one of the beautiful points (Maeda) here on the island. While we each only did a little part, altogether we picked up quite a bit of trash up from this area. I was proud to feel like I was giving back and I met some new people that care about the Earth like I do.

Edo, one of the guys in charge, was explaining to us about these little balls of oil that end up on the beach because the seatankers still use saltwater to clean out their tanks after they are emptied. I didn't find any today but I will have my eyes out for them for now on...I am sure that they are terrible for anything that comes in contact with them.

We also learned about these little resin balls that are very small and are raw material from when plastic is made. The birds and fish will injest them sometimes. Apparently they are doing testing on those in Tokyo because they can tell how much toxins have been picked up by the plastic in its travels in the ocean.

Overall, it was a beautiful morning for a beach clean up and really made my day!!


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One Wink at a Time said...

Hi Mishka! I saw you over at the Peevery and decided to click on you and say Hello :-)
This is a great thing you're doing. If everyone just did one project like this, what a difference it would make in the world!
Thank You.

Mishka said...

Thanks OWAAT...I appreciate the compliments. I love doing what I can for the earth...I guess it makes up for some of the damage I inevitably cause by just existing....