Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Year In Review

Continued this from two years ago....first sentence from each month's first post for all of last year.


Just wanted to wish everyone we know and that reads this a happy New Year!!!


I had never even heard of this, but if you read my fitness blog at all, you will know that on Friday night, I ended up at McDonald's (because the people I was with wanted to eat there).


I hate that iTunes is not intuitive if you need to move your music to another harddrive, file or spot on your computer...I should be able to point the whole damn program to the new folder and it should just say okay rather than making me point every single damn song to the new folder.....grrrr.


These stories are making me so sad....the three YouTube videos (one program) are somewhat sensationalized but that doesn't take away from the fact that there are serious problems in China right now and the fact that all eyes will be on them is not going to be easy for their government to deal with....seems though, that they are not choosing to deal with it in a good way...instead they decide to demolish homes and hope that all the the sad or poor people will just not be seen rather than trying to actually fix things.


Yesterday two of my friend's and I went to a little hole in the wall Japanese antique store.


It made me cry this morning to read this article....these idiots don't give a crap about any one in their country.


I just wanted to wish everyone that celebrates it a Happy Fourth of July.


Don't forget about the eclipse....especially if you are in a spot to see it.


J and I have decided to fix the deck and pond section of our backyard so that Chase can go outside without getting out of the yard.


It has been two days since we finished all aspects of Kitty Land...and Chase has spent the last two nights out there with no issues...she has even used the outdoor sandbox as planned....


I am almost done!!!


So I woke up this morning feeling bad about not getting enough exercise, and still having tons of things on my To Do list.

Well, that is it...a whole year of posting. Looks like I need to work on my first sentences...haha.


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