Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Incompetence, I Swear

Okay, my day has not started off right, that is for sure.

A few weeks back, I ordered a new power supply and battery for my HP laptop. I used a company online that I have used in the past and had no problems with. They send me both, quite promptly, and the battery is great. The power supply however is not compatible with my computer. The one on the net doesn't look like the one I have received, but the order form and the packing receipt say that I got the right one.

I CAN NOT for the life of me get them to confirm that they sent the wrong one. All they keep doing it sending me and email telling me that I have been confirmed for an RMA number. I have explained in 87 emails to them that I don't want to return it, I want to exchange it but I want them to confirm that the second time around I will get a different one than the one I have now!!!! Is that so hard???? I also don't think I should have to pay shipping to return an item that they sent that was wrong. That should be on them and I can't get them to confirm that they will refund me the shipping cost.

Now for the second one...I am a member of the Stephen King Library. They have started making these calendars each year that I don't like to get and don't use. I just refuse them at the post office so that they are sent back to them, and I have never had any problems with continuing to get my books from them. They usually send me the new releases in hardback right around the time that I see them on shelves at the store and they are always cheaper than I could get at the store. Well, this year, they send me the stupid calendar and it come via bulk mail (which takes forever).

BEFORE the calendar even gets here, I get the bill for it saying I am overdue (because there is a bill attached to the calendar itself). This kind of pisses me off. The overdue notice was sent via first class mail so it passed the calendar on its way here. So I throw away the overdue notice, and wait for the calendar. When it comes, I refuse it and it is sent back (probably bulk rate though). I get another notice from them and threats of collection agencies, so I get on email and send them a note saying that the calendar is on its way and outline why they shouldn't send a item via bulk mail and then a late notice when the item has not been received yet.

They write back that they have received the calendar, and will credit my account the late fees as well. All is good....but now we are in January and I saw the new Stephen King book on the shelves in December....I don't buy them because I know they are coming in the mail....well, it hasn't.

So I emailed them last week, and I get a response today that my order was cancelled!!! What a bunch of was my order cancelled? Jackasses....grrr.

Needless to say, my day started with sending emails to bone heads that don't know how to read an email and hopefully the whole mess will get sorted out soon.....sometimes long distance sucks!!!!


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Just a Girl said...

oooh, how irritating!

Chicken said...


Haha said...

It must be hard not being able to pick up the phone, but that doesn't mean you would get a live body either. They should take notice of REI's superb customer service! With the economy as it is - customer service has to be A+.