Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What To Do

So I woke up this morning feeling bad about not getting enough exercise, and still having tons of things on my To Do list. I decided I was going for an early morning walk since the sun was shining and the humidity was low....in fact days like this make up for any other crappy weather day I might experience...that is how good it was.

I knew that the walk would give me a chance to breath and prioritize. I have lots to do and not a lot of time to do it in, and I seem to be double booked for most days this week and that has added to my concern. I still have piles of Christmas lights to put out and I have a large piece of furniture sitting in the middle of my office that needs a home by the end of the week. I have not really started on Christmas cards yet even though I have all the makings, and I have to get these boxes shipped by the end of the week if they are going to get to the US in time.

Needless to say, I came into the office first thing, like I do most mornings to say hello to Chase (our cat) and check into the world before heading out. Since all of my family is awake when I am asleep, my first chance on the web in the morning is when I get to catch up on everyone's day and sometimes even catch them still awake. While I was on the computer, I decided to check out geocaching's website and see if there were any that I needed to update. I did find a few and while I was at it, I decided to update my other caches as well. So a mere two hours later (pushing 10am), I had eaten (Slimfast...another thing on my To Do list is to lose weight), organized and updated all my caches, but still had not gotten any exercise.

I head out the door with my Ipod, my camera and my GPS. I hit three different caches...all older ones that I have been watching for a while, and didn't find any of them. Two of them are in high traffic areas so I mostly just did a drive-by on those but I searched for the third one for a good hour. I did manage to get some awesome pictures taken and visit a part of a castle park that I hadn't seen before, but I didn't get any caches....that can be frustrating. Anyhow, after I got home (around noon), I had breathed some fresh air, gotten some exercise and sun, and felt like I had a better outlook on the To Do list.

Since then, I have gotten three boxes packed and shipped, holiday stamps purchased and am heading out for dinner with a friend and a trip to a Japanese spa (having to step out of my comfort zone on this one but that is for another post). I guess I will tackle a few more things tonight when I get home so completely relaxed from my experience...wish me luck.


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Chicken said...

It sounds like your walk helped you get things done later in the day.

By the way I have gone out geocaching a few times but there has always been a reason why I couldn't search for the caches. *sigh*

Haha said...

Sounds like a marvelous day!

Haha said...

Nice photos too!

Mishka said...

It is frustrating...to say the least but the weather and the fresh air made it worth the hunt even though I didn't find them. The owner is checking on one of them.