Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Digital Snowflake

I did my annual snowflake on this site, right before cutting out some paper ones for my windows. I use origami paper because it is already square and thinner than regular paper so it is easier to cut. I'll post pictures of my paper ones later.


One Year Ago on In My Words...Regrets


Haha said...

I love it that you take such great joy in the simple things in life. I remember lots of your snowflakes in our windows when you were a child. Always keep that child alive in you Mishka, it is so beautiful!

Mishka said...

You are right Mom, I do get joy out of some of the simple things we did as kids during the holidays. I like to hold onto those memories so they don't get lost in all the commercialism and panic that seems to fill the holidays these days.