Sunday, December 21, 2008

Raggedy Andy

I am reading the Twillight saga books right now so I completely understand where this memory came from this morning. I remember when I was a kid (1st or 2nd grade timeframe), I was terrified of vampires. I don't know if I had seen a movie or read a story that convinced me they were real and could come and get me at anytime.

I had this life size Raggedy Andy doll...(life size to a 1st or 2nd grader) that would put in my bed with me. I would use him as a pillow and then wrap his legs around my neck so I could keep the vampires from biting me. I was convinced it would protect me.

I had that doll forever, not completely sure what eventually happened to him...perhaps my mom will read this and fill me in.


Four Years Ago on In My Words...Bathroom Kitty


Haha said...

That Raggedy Ann was given to me by Wayne one Christmas. I loved it and never new until I owned one of my own about the heart on their chests. I of course handed it over to you and it was a favorite companion, albeit a LARGE one. My guess is that you passed it on to another child - you did that with many of your toys. You gave away Barbies and games to other children - it has always been your nature and I am sure Raggedy was given a good home. I didn't know about the vampires, you never told me, but I bet you and I watched a few Bela Lagosi movies, when you dad worked late nights at the Pizza Deli. Johnny Carson was a good friend to both of us those years. Keep that cross around your neck and some strings of garlic hanging in the kitchen.LOL

Just a Girl said...

I did something similar though it involved a scarf and a cross necklace. Vampires scared me silly and yet I would continue to watch the movies or read about them.

PS. Is the series worth reading?

Mishka said...

JAG- I am actually enjoying them and they are a fast read. I kind of relate to the main character (I liked an off limits boy when I was in high school too, although he wasn't a vampire). I thought they were going to be very immature books but they are actually decent. I am already half way through the 2nd one so I need to get the third one in the mail so I can read it soon...the 4th is not out in paperback yet so I will just try to rent it from the library.