Monday, September 29, 2008

Loving The New Contacts

Recently I went to the doctor to update my contact and glasses perscription. Turns out they don't need to be updated but I need a new one just to order new contacts. I went to the Visiondirect website to check out my options and discovered that I could order my perscription in these new contacts. I have been wearing the same Acuvue lens types forever....and they have been fine, but I am a dry eyed person and I do spend a fair amount of time in front of the computer so I decided to give these a whirl.

I ordered one box figuring if I didn't like them, I could just get my old standbys instead. Well, they came fast and within days I was giving them a try. They are thicker feeling than my old ones when they are in my hand and on my finger but once I put them in my eye, I can't even feel them and they don't DRY out!!!!

I can wear them late and even for hours on the computer and they never bug me....I am loving them to death and highly recommend giving them a try if you have dry eyes or use a computer a lot (or both).


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Chicken said...

William has the dry eye thing so I will have to have him check these out.

Mishka said...

I think he can get a trial pair from the acuvue site, rather than buying a whole box if he wants....

Haha said...

That is fantastic - I do not wear contacts, but I do suffer with the dry eye deal because of the computer and air conditioning! I have to spritz my eyes with Nature's Tears several times a day.