Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Looks like we have a storm heading our way....should be here this weekend but I am sure we will get some of the weather even before that. I am kind of excited because we haven't had a typhoon all season (our other ones were before the season started and none came very close).

I hope it is not too bad because it can ruin the crops for the sugarcane farmers if it is really strong....we'll keep you posted.


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Mind Sprite said...

Hope you enjoy the weather without blowing away! Storms can be so cool.

We're having fantastic weather right now :)

I've got a few wedding pics on my blog and should be posting more regularly now :)

Haha said...

Pity the poor folk in Houston-Galveston as it looks like they are in for it from Ike. Make sure to bring the kitty in! LOL

Randi said...

did it hit? everyone was getting ready last i heard! so...i kinda miss the typhoons. shhh! lol! miss you too woman!