Sunday, December 13, 2015

First Snow 2015

Came out of work the other morning with an inch of slush on the ground. Drive to Gma's for breakfast wasn't too bad even though the depth of the snow had moved up to 4 inches.

Hung out for a bit with some breakfast and knocked snow out of the bushes until my hands were cold.

Needed to get home to get some sleep for my next work shift so decided to hit the road. No problems until I got closer to home where there were lots of people pulled over on the freeway putting on chains. I was behind the plow so the road was clear for me until I left the freeway.

Road was clear until I hit our neighborhood. There was 6-8 inches of snow on the ground and the weight in the back of the truck was just not enough to manage to make it up the street (slight incline). I ended up sliding to a stop down the block in front of a neighbors house. They were outside so I told them I was going to walk home and get into snow gear and come back and put chains on our tires. I had my muckalucks in the truck so I didn't get soaked on the walk.

At home, I put on snow gear, grabbed the snow shovel and a tarp and headed back down. The neighbors were super nice and helped me to put the chains on. I was able to drive up the street and into our driveway. I grabbed a broom and walked about the house knocking heavy wet snow out of the trees and bushes so we wouldn't lose too many (I found three big ones). After an hour, I decided it was time to get to bed.

That night, I left the the chains on until I got back to the freeway, which was probably a good idea since our roads were still not cleared. No more snow, but we have been kind of cold so it is sticking around for a while.

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