Sunday, December 27, 2015

Second Sprinkling

I was on my way home from work but decided I just couldn't pass up the photo opportunity. The sky was so cool looking and everything was covered in white.

I thought this drive way looked really cool. I had stopped here because there is a pond nearby and a good view of the surrounding hills.

I also found a gaggle of geese...which is amazingly actually called a gaggle...who knew. They were walking through the snow...probably wishing they could find some water that wasn't frozen over.

I told myself that next time it snows substantially, I am going to go downtown and see about getting some pics in the park as well.

The weather this year so far has been very normal winter which is nice because that means the ski mountain is open and our snow pack is at a level that might mean we don't have a horribly dry summer.

Eight Years Ago on In My Words...Snow Updated

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