Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ugly Sweater Run 2014

Second year that we have done this one, and it was the second year that it was cool is that. This isn't a timed run so we just do it for exercise and fun which is great in itself.

This year, I managed to find an ugly sweater at the local St Vincent's, so I didn't have to borrow one this year. Once again, it was chilly out so we had to bundle up but we managed to get the race in without rain so no slicker was needed.

I also had just received my shirts from the Wear Blue Run To Remember organization. I wore my long sleeve shirt under my ugly sweater so I would be supporting the org even if it wasn't on the outside.

I didn't run much of this since I hadn't been training in a few months, but I am sure I will be feeling it afterwards anyhow. My time wasn't too bad considering how little I ran. I hope to do a couple other runs in February but I am not sure how much of them will be ran will depend on training time. My cousins and my uncle did the run as well. We all got back in just before the rain started.

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