Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Google Is Dropping Reader

This is horrible news. I use Google Reader every day for keeping up on the things that I am subscribed to (blogs, news, etc) and as a diagnostic tool when volunteering on the Blogger Help Forum...what a great loss this will be.

I seriously don't know what they are thinking...why would you push customers to another service even if there is a decline in users...there is still a huge following. I truly think they are making a mistake with this one.

It is funny that for as much as I like Google, I only use about 5 of their products religiously and Reader was one of them...sad to see it go...

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just a girl said...

It's SO lame.o figure out what to replace it with. :-S

Cat said...

Because Google Plus is such a happening place.

Why not drop that? I left other RSS readers because they sucked and Google has the best one. I am quite bummed about this, too.

... said...

I am glad to know there are so many that are upset about this....I wonder if it will have any affect on the Google decision. I set up Bloglines the other night but I am not sure I like it as well and I adon't know that it will be useful as a tool for diagnosis.