Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oracle Leaves Fix for Java SE Zero Day Until February Patch Update | threatpost

Okay, I was waiting for the October 16th update to be released before sending out an "all friends" alert but seems that Oracle is not concerned enough to fix this vulnerability in Java until they release the Feburary update.

So my advice to all, is disable Java plugins in your browsers. Not javascript, just the Java Add-ons/Plugins. Apple has already dropped Java from its browsers because of this vunerability. I have disabled it in both Firefox and Chrome on our two computers. In the case of Internet Explorer, stop using it altogether since you can't disable Java completely in it.

In Firefox, for the most part regardless of version, the Addons manager can be access through the Tools menu at the top of the browser. For Chrome, it was a bit more complicated to find at first but I have the shortcut for you. When you open the Chrome browers, just paste chrome://plugins/ into the address bar and you will be taken directly to the Plugins page where you can disable the Java plugins.

Hope this helps everyone!

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