Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Fish

They were having a sale over the weekend...and I managed to get three new games, three free games, and filled a punch card which means another free game. I have already played one of them, and plan to make time for more. I have been really bad at time management the last few months and I need to get it together.

I want to see improvement in my body, in my house and in my job situation...and there is nothing stopping me on any of those accounts but me. At the end of the month, I have a short trip to see family in another part of the US and then it is back to the hard core job hunt. The body and house stuff will get tackled even before that. Getting on the plan is the hardest part...once I get going, I am usually pretty good about staying on task.

I did start a new scarf (feeling like I needed some kind of creative outlet) and I am almost done with it. It is going to be cute and I have yarn for a different one as well. I am reading pretty much every day (which is super important to me) via the Nook at night before hitting the hay. I have also been able to do some volunteering on Google, which was being neglected for a bit.

So besides getting on the plan, singing, more writing, geocaching and studying for my computer test are on the list...time management is key.

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cat said...

Oooo, another BigFish Games person! I have been a game club member for so long. :) I just felt like commenting because honestly I never thought anyone I knew would also know about BFG. ;) I'm a huge Dark Parables fan. BlueTea Games make the best games. ;)

... said...

I mostly do the hidden object/adventure games...I love Big Fish because I can delete the games off my system when I am done but I still own them and can download them where ever I want and they have great offers periodically which makes it very economical!