Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Is Here

Yesterday evening was the first time this year I have felt Fall in the air.

Everyone, from family to the media, has been saying "Fall is here" for weeks but I refused to believe it. I wanted to hold onto summer for just a bit longer. The evenings were cool but the days were still warming up enough for shorts and flipflops so I was taking advantage of the late summer. I even managed to sit in the sun on the deck a couple of times last week.

But this all changed yesterday evening. I am not sure what it was exactly but perhaps the clouds moving in and the extra coolness as I was climbing the porch steps did it. I remember as a kid always being completely aware of the day the season changed for me, so I shouldn't be surprised it happened again. I did manage to wear flipflops and shorts today so it is still warm during the day but right now I am sitting here still wearing shorts but have a sweatshirt and socks on as well. I imagine my days of lounging around the house in sweat shorts are soon to be over and I will be breaking out the long black yoga pants instead.

This change in the weather also is lighting a fire under me for accomplishing a few Fall things that need to be done along with some that just want to be done (like decorating for Halloween). Some of the yard stuff has to wait until winter sets in, but there are definitely some "outside" projects I would like to finish up before it gets too cold or wet but that is a story for another blog...LOL.

I have been fighting a bug for a week or is just hovering in my head but not taking hold (thank goodness). So I have been zincing and drinking Vit C but this new change in weather perception makes having soup and tea even more appealing. I need to stock up on a couple of my favorite clear Asian style soups...nothing like green onion or egg drop soup to warm you right up.

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