Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Help Forum Time

I managed to get some time logged on the Blogger Help Forum today. It is the first time in a long time that I have had the time to sit down and concentrate on it in a while. It felt good to feel like I was helping someone.

It looks like we are going to be switching permanently to the new User Interface. I have not been a fan of the new interface, in fact still do not use it, but it looks like they might have addressed some of the major things we brought up in the past so I hope it won't be too painful of a transition. I expect that the Help Forum will be very busy that day though...

This is really the first time in a long time I have been able to spend any kind of time on my computer...kind of a nice change. I need to get some updates done on all the blogs and on both my systems...and of course backups done. Always do your backups people...you won't regret it.

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