Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Day 23: Something You Wish You Had Done in Your Life

Here we go again....another one that sounds like my life is already over....

I don't know, even at my age, I don't feel like there are too many doors closed to me and those that might be closed aren't necessarily things I regret not having done.

One thing I haven't done for one reason or another that I think I would like to do is be a parent. I don't necessarily want to have my own kids but I think I would be a good mom and I wouldn't mind adopting a kid (even an older one) at some point in the future. Thing is, this is not something that is out of my grasp so I don't know if it fits this question really.

Another thing I want to do that I haven't done as an adult is be a dog owner. I don't know when or if I will do this one any time soon but once again, not a closed door, and I think it would be great to have a dog.

One thing I do wish I had done in my life that is definitely not an option anymore is getting to know the smart, creative, and interesting side of my biological father. He is deceased now but he made some bad choices in life, and this limited the amount that we got to know each other. I don't in any way feel that it is my fault that we didn't get to know each other better, but I still wish we had sometimes. I am sure there are things about myself that I would have learned from knowing him better.


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Haha said...

Your bio Dad had many talents - I can share a few with you - he loved helping others - he would work on a friends car or motorcycle and was a good mechanic - he was a good artist too although I think he did not want to compete with his brother on that one - he could play drums and tried guitar even though it was tough as he was a lefty. He did love you in his narcisstic way. You know "look what I did" kind of thing, he was taking some good photos. It was sad that he let his demons get the best of him. I think I really loved him as much as I knew about love at the time. I know I loved you though, that was the greatest joy of my life!