Friday, June 11, 2010

Ikebana Lesson #2 Basic Upright

In this class we did the basic upright configuration for a second time so we would get some practice at this style (since a lot of the other styles we would be learning would build on this one's principles). It was a fun class, and the sensei expected us to be able to work a bit more on our own.

I had finally gotten an actual suiban and was excited to use it for the first time. The flowers we used were iris', carnations, and purple statice and a little bit of greenery (which I didn't get the name of).

In this arrangement, I had the iris' as my heaven, and earth but used the green leaves as my mankind. The carnations were supplement and the statice were filler.

We discovered that smaller stems might need to be grouped together and taped (in this case we used scotch tape) using flower tape.

Another tip, if you didn't cut all your flowers before placing (which you rarely do), is to turn the flower upside down to measure it against a flower that is already placed in the frog and arrangement...this way the excess stem is not in the way and you get a more accurate measurement.


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